Works in Acrylic

Painting for decades, artist Jim Newman has a considerable portfolio of fantasy landscapes and comic situations all rendered in bright, colorful style. Each is available for sale!
• Originals 18x24 (when available): $900. • High Quality Giclee Prints: $250.
• Smaller size available: $145.
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Combining comedy, adventure and satire, Jim's book, A Habit of Mind follows Doug, a good-looking, egocentric television news photographer in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. With his charm and stylish job, Doug’s only goal is his next conquest at the local pickup bar. Things change suddenly when a live broadcast turns downright tragic. Finding himself blamed for the incident and suddenly jobless, Doug goes rogue, crashing a station van into the Mississippi River. He goes on the run and starts his own broadcast for a competing station via YouTube, his stories shot completely with his iPhone.

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Voiceover Work

Sometimes it's an old rancher who's the best storyteller. Sometimes it's a cop. Maybe its the elderly matron down the street, or the most popular DJ in town. They're all here, waiting for you to put words in their mouth!